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Ph.D. subject: “Optimization of GaN/WBG Technologies”

My research theme is part of the greater issue of how automotive industries can use materials with Wide Band Gap (WBG) and Ultra-Wide Band Gap (UWBG) properties in power transistor devices. The forthcoming goal of this research is to use such devices in future vehicle platforms. Their integration in these platforms implies that they can convert efficiently electric power multiple times and in either different or the same form, such as AC to DC, DC to DC, or DC to AC. The study case of this project is to optimize materials such as Gallium Nitride (GaN) and Gallium Oxide for power conversion applications, instead of silicon (Si) and silicon carbide (SiC) and study their performance over time operation. These materials have superior properties such as high breakdown field and high bulk mobility, meaning they can improve the size, weight, efficiency, power density, current density, and high-temperature reliability of a power conversion system. But yet, the technology which is based on the WBG and UWBG materials is not ready to be used commercially in medium and high-voltage power devices. This study has the motivation to understand the potentials and the limitations of these materials with the purpose to develop chips that could be integrated into a power conversion device. To successfully approach the study, I am going to use simulation tools to find the conditions with the optimum performance of the materials, with the goal to develop chips and test their performance by using a variety of fabrication and characterization processes.

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