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Colloidal systems are ubiquitous in nature and technology, where interactions in the colloidal domain determine stability of the system, and manipulation of the interactions can enhance or remove this stability. Milk or pharmaceutical formulations are common examples where the stability of the colloidal system is crucial for the product. My research is focused on the development of fundamental understanding of colloidal systems, particularly on self-assembly of amphiphilic molecules (e.g. surfactant micellisation) and protein stability (e.g. protein formulations). Currently, my two major research lines are protein-surfactant interactions in solution and amphiphile self-assembly in water and complex environemnts (ionic liquids, deep eutectic solvents...). 

Scattering techniques are powerful experimental methods to investigate phenomena in the nanometer lenght scale, so they are suitable for investigating the colloidal domain. In my research I combine traditional techniques, such as surface tension, calorimetry and spectroscopy, with more advanced characterisation methods: Small-angle neutron and X-Ray scatteirng, neutron spin echo and reflectometry.

As a part of my research, I keep active collaborations with PhD students, researchers and professors from Lund University and other affiliations. Furthermore, I am always seeking for motivated students that wish to carry out projects related to physical chemistry, food technology or pharmaceutical formulation.


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