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Alezini Loxa

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Alezini Loxa is a Post-doctoral Researcher in EU Law. Her research has a focus on EU law, sustainaibility, constitutionalism and fundamental rights protection.

As a researcher, Alezini's approach is characterized by a close examination of the particularities of different areas of EU law against the bigger picture of the EU constitutional architecture; the discovery of connections between areas of EU law that scholarship sees as separate; and the drawing of conclusions that can be of broader relevance to the EU law discipline.

Building on the work carried in her PhD thesis ( 'Sustainability and EU Migration Law: What Place for Migrants' Rights' defended in October 2023), Alezini is currently developping her research along two tracks.

The first track focuses on the social pillar of sustainability in EU law. In the context of two projects led by Associate Professor Daria Davitti (Screening for Sustainability) and Dr. Britta Sjöstedt and Associate Professor Daria Davitti (Implementing the European Green Deal through the Eu Taxonomy Regulation) funded by Formas and MMW, Alezini closely examines aspects of social sustainability in EU Law by a focus on the institutional practice of various EU actors. Her aim is to critically investigate the way in which EU law and policy is construed as as means to pursue sustainable societies. 

The second track develops critical legal historical accounts of EU migration law, social rights and EU social policy. Building on archival material, Alezini's research contextualizes legal developments and reconstructs the past of EU law by highlighting continuities in the way EU law rights are construed, extended, and limited against the background of various geo-political transformations.


Alezini is inolved in the teaching of various courses at different cycles of legal education (Swedish Law Programme, Advanced Elective Courses, European Business Law Master's and International Human Rights Law Master's). 

She coordinates together with Associate Professor Vladislava Stoyanova a course on European Fundamental Rights Protection.


Alezini is a member of the EU Law and the Migration Law Research Environment at the Faculty of Law, Lund University and a convenor of the EU Law Discussion Group, sponsored by the Centre for European Studies at Lund University.

She is the managing editor of the Nordic Journal of European Law, an open-access and peer reviewed journal of European law with a Nordic perspective.

Committed to advancing law teaching above and beyond traditional teaching methods, Alezini is a board member of the European Law Moot Court (ELMC) Society. The aim of the ELMC Society is to support and stimulate studies in EU Law and to challenge students to develop their research and advocacy skills beyond the classroom. Since 1988, the Society has been organising the ELMC Competition, an annual international moot court competition, which is considered the most prestigious moot court competition within the field of EU Law and one of the most important moot court competitions in the world.

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