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I am interested in the use of media to research and present history to the public as well as debates about the future direction of society in the 20th century. These interests are central to my doctoral research project, which is a new study of the making of The World at War televised documentary history series c. 1970-75. I am also a member of the interdisciplinary research programme At the End of the World. My project on technological time-keeping, popular Western media narratives, and apocalyptic environmental politics in the late 20th century will begin upon completion of my thesis.

My academic research builds on my prior career background as a current-affairs journalist and best-selling author of history books for children who has worked extensively with schools, public education and outreach organisations, heritage bodies, and adult learning institutions, to collaboratively research and create projects with media resources including texts, film, living witnesses, architecture, authentic replica costumes and objects, technological and archaeological artefacts.


At the Department of Communication and Media:

Teacher, Media History, undergraduate and postgraduate (2020-present)

Course organiser and teacher, SAS course, 'Media and Armed Conflicts Past and Present' (2017- present)

Course organiser (2020) and teacher (2019, 2020- present), SAS course, 'Media and the History of Political Rhetoric'

Occasional lecturer in Journalism studies (2018- present)


Best-selling author of history books for children, published by e.g. Birlinn Ltd.

Public historian, project leader, and consultant, working with schools, adult education, and heritage bodies, e.g. Scottish Book Trust, National Museums of Scotland,  Museums Galleries Scotland, Edinburgh International Book Festival, Historic Environment Scotland, National Library of Scotland, Scottish Prison Service, Glasgow Museum of Transport, the University of St Andrews

Features and news journalist, and award-winning page designer (Society of Newspaper Design; European Newspaper Design Awards), with a specialism as editor and writer of historical magazines and supplements with Newsquest Herald & Times

Archivist, graduate placement, National Archives of Scotland


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