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Anders Nelsson

MD, PhD student, Timlärare

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My PhD project focuses on heart failure and how we can improve understandning of heart failure and improve the diagnostic methods using non-invasive methods. The aim is to find and test novel imaging methods to assess the grade of heart failure on an indivual level. Congestion is difficult to quantify in the clinical setting but here new possible tools are being evaluated. This will be done using CMR through assessment of pulmonary blood volume and hemodynamic forces aswell as perfusiongradients from V/P SPECT. The work is done within the Cardiac MR group at Lund University in collaboration with our colleuages at the Department of Cardiology. By quantifying the congestion in patients with heart failure we may change the way treatment can be optimized for the individual patient and new objective end-points for future therapeutic studies may become available.


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