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I am an evolutionary biologist with broad interests in life-history and mating-system evolution, and especially in how the environment shapes evolutionary trajectories. My current work focuses on improving our understanding of how the environment influences microevolution – short-term, contemporary evolutionary change that allows populations to adapt and persist. My goal is to help make predictions of microevolution in the wild more reliable. To date, these predictions are often inaccurate, and recent work suggests that environmental variability is a major contributor to the predictive inaccuracy. I therefore strive to quantify the bias and uncertainty that arises from environmental variation, and to explicitly account for it when making predictions. To do so, I use Trinidadian guppies (Poecilia reticulata) and other fishes, and combine mathematical models with laboratory experiments and field data.

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  • Evolutionsbiologi
  • Ekologi
  • Zoologi


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