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Recent research has focused on better understanding how simple, sustainable innovations (improved cook stoves and rain water harvesting systems) can be more effectively diffused in rural areas of the global South, Kenya.
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The last years I have been involved in producing films for different research projects at LUCID and LUCSUS, as an alternative mode of knowledge dissemination.
Here are some of the films I produced:

  • Smokeless  Stove
  • A pathway out of poverty?
  • Rivers and Struggles
  • Using human urine as fertilizer
  • Making Research Matter More – from knowledge to action with farmers in Uganda.

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I work with a variety of organizations outside of  LUCSUS. An important partner is Sydvatten, which produces drinking water for a major part of the south of Sweden.  In the long-term project Think H2O! Sydvatten offers teachers and their students in upper secondary school, a two-day school camp at lake Bolmen, which is one of the most important resources for drinking water in Sweden. Together with Sydvatten I am involved in the planning and implementation of this school camp and in 2015  another 500 students will be invited to participate. Several other teachers from LUCSUS are also involved in this outreach activity.
Read more about the project at Sydvatten’s website »

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