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I am broadly interested in the processes creating biodiversity. I am a speciation researcher with a background in evolutionary ecology and a keen interest in biogeography and evolutionary genomics. Broadly, my research strives to identify how variation arises and the processes by which it enables adaptation to novel environments and how it sorts into new species, as well as which ecological settings and factors that promote these processes. My main current study system consists of host plant subspecies of the fly Tephritis conura with different ecologies to address how the multifarious selection pressures on independent characters in genomically unlinked regions that change simultaneously during niche shifts mold the phenotype and genome, and its consequences for diversity. I also use other study systems, including Podarcis wall lizards and the hybrid species Italian sparrow, shedding light on different components of the speciation process to gain a broad understanding of the phenomenon. I have broad research interests and a history of successful interdisciplinary collaborations where researchers of complementing expertises have gathered to jointly address biological questions.


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