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Annette Hill is programme leader for the Msc in Media and Communication, an international postgraduate programme that attracts over 600 applications per year for around 30 places. For more information see and the links for the Msc programme. She teaches postgraduate courses on Media Audiences, Media and Participation, Popular Culture, and media and communication methods, as well as running the postgraduate thesis course and supervising postgraduate research.

She is currently supervising Hario Priambodho who is researching cult media, using production and audience research for a holistic approach to cult experiences. At Lund, she has supervised Zaki Habibi who who researched creative communities in South East Asian cities, using visual methods and participatory research;Joanna Doona who researched audience engagement with political comedy, and Sanchari De who researched bloggers in the Shahbag movement in Bangladesh. Hill has supervised twelve doctoral students as first and second supervisor, and has examined over fifteen doctoral dissertations as external and internal examiner in the UK, Sweden and Australia.


Annette Hill is a Professor of Media and Communication at Lund University, Sweden, and Visiting Professor at King's College London, UK. Her research focuses on audiences and popular culture, with interests in media engagement, everyday life, genres, production studies and cultures of viewing. She is the author ofeight books, and many articles and book chapters in journals and edited collections, which address varieties of engagement with reality television, news and documentary, television drama, entertainment formats, live events and sports entertainment, film violence and media ethics.


Her most recent book is Media Experiences (Routledge 2018). Other books include Reality TV: Key Ideas (Routledge 2015), Paranormal Media (Routledge 2011), Restyling Factual TV (2007), Reality TV (2005), The Television Studies Reader (with Robert C Allen 2003), TV Living (with David Gauntlett 1999), and Shocking Entertainment (1997). Her next books are The Routledge Handbook of Mobile Socialities (with Maren Hartmann and Magnus Andersson, Routledge 2021), Roaming Audiences (Routledge 2022), and Media Engagement: Key Ideas (with Peter Dahlgren, Routledge 2022).


Her research has been funded by the Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation, The Swedish Research Council, Riksbanken Jubileumsfond, Economic and Social Research Council, British Film Institute, the Office of Communications and former regulatory bodies the Independent Television Commission, and the Broadcasting Standards Commission, Channel Four, and the Media Management and Transition Center, Jönköping International Business School, Sweden.

She was Research Director of the School of Media, Arts and Design at the University of Westminster and managed the submissions with colleagues in media, art and design, and music to the Research Assessment Exercise 2008 which resulted in the No 1 ranking for media in Britain and the No 1 ranking for art in London. She has served on the Danish Research Council, The Swedish Research Council, Finnish Research Council, Arts and Humanities Research Council Knowledge Transfer Panel, and has been an Executive Board Member of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA), and the Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association (MeCCSA). She is currently co chair of the Audiences Section of the International Association of Media and Communications Research (IAMCR).


Recent projects include Mobile Socialities, an international network of scholars working at the intersections of mobilities and mobile communications research, with Professor Maren Hartmann (Berlin University of the Arts), and Dr Magnus Andersson (Lund University). Other projects included Media Experiences, a big picture project that pieced together the puzzle of being an audience today. A broad research question included how do producers create media experiences and how do audiences actually engage with these experiences? The project was funded by the Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation (6.3 million Swedish Kroner), in collaboration with production company Endemol Shine, and included a team of eight people from assistants to post doctoral researchers, consultants and experts working over a period of three years (2013-2016).

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