Bjarne Madsen Härdig

Knuten till universitetet, Dr Med Vet, Docent

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I have a PhD-degree and I am an associate Professor in Experimental Cardiology at Lund University. I have been working in the Med Tech Industry between 2008-2019. I have large experience from clinical resuscitation research, evaluating in-hospital-cardiac-arrest mainly in the PCI-lab where I have been driving several studies both in the experimental setting and in the clinical setting with focus on mechanical chest compressions. This work included study management, study-design, ethical approval applications, surgical operation and instrumentation (in experimental research), data analysis, statistical analysis and manuscript writing. I have also worked with several ambulance organizations regarding resuscitation research on out-of-hospital-cardiac-arrest where I designed, planned, and executed experimental, pre-clinical, usability, and clinical study protocols leading to scientific publications as well as attended and presented results at scientific conferences. I have participated in development of several patent applications and I am a co-author on 7 patent applications in the field of CPR products. In my work in the Med Tech Industry I have also evaluated medical devices in regards of clinical safety and efficacy according to the COUNCIL DIRECTIVE MEDDEV 2.7.1 June 2016, Guidelines on medical devices: CLINICAL EVALUATION: A guide for manufacturers and notified bodies under directive 93/42/ECC and 90/385/ECC, this has been for products in the field of mechanical chest compressions, oximetry, several ventilation products and cooling products.

Before my start at the in the Med Tech Industry my working history started out with work as a paramedic in 1985 in my home town Trollhättan. This was followed by studies to registered nurse at Lund University (1988) after which I have been clinically active in all areas of clinical cardiology. My work has mainly been in the cath-lab specializing in electrophysiology, angiography, PCI, hemodynamics and echocardiography. In 1992 I started working with scientific studies as a research nurse and was involved in studies relating to technology development, experimental research (I have worked with and developed animals models using pigs, rats and rabbits), quality of life research, registry research and clinical trials, during which I developed many of my research skills in close collaboration with physicians, PhD’s and engineers at the Department of Cardiology. In 2003 I started my PhD studies at the Department of Cardiology, Faculty of Medicine at Lund University where I worked with and developed the project "Ultrasound enhanced thrombolysis" and I graduated in December 2005. This period was followed by 50% clinical work at the echo-lab and 50% as project manager for the project "Ultrasound enhanced thrombolysis" until 2008. I have been and are working as an instructor for ALS and basic-CPR for nurses, medical students and physicians at the Skåne University Hospital, Lund

 I have also got the opportunity to work as an assistant supervisor for two PhD students at the Department of Cardiology, Faculty of Medicine at Lund University, of which both defended their PhD thesis successfully. This gives me very useful knowledge since it enables me to keep up with Cardiology research in general.  

 During my free time I spend most of the time with my wife and family following our children’s activities but keep me physically fit by training and mentally by painting watercolor (My merits as watercolor artist has another curriculum vitae, since it takes to much space).


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