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I completed my bachelor's and master's degrees at the Royal Institute of Techonlogy in Stockholm. My bachelor project focused on modelling neuropathic pain, and my master thesis on simulations of neural networks to analyse spike train heterogeneity, and subtypes in mouse striatum, using clustering of single-cell RNA-seq data. I have also worked as a software developer for about 2 years at CompuGroup Medical. Most recently I worked as a research assistant at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, using a detailed medium spiny neuron model to analyse different classifications and see what parameters control network synchronicity.

I commenced in 2016 as a PhD student in the Animal Physiology Group with David O'Carroll and Elisa Rigosi as supervisors. Here at Lund University, I will analyse the neural mechanisms for target tracking in insects, using electrophysiology, anatomical reconstruction, and computational modelling.


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