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My research focuses on a variety of issues under the broad topics of sustainable development, environmental studies and collective action. As a sustainability scientist, I work interdisciplinarily and combine conservation sciences, political economy and social movement studies to try and understand and identify solutions to sustainable development problems. I am currently working on a four year collaborative research project aimed at building research capacity on farmer organization, mobilization and political opportunity in sub-Saharan Africa, with collaborating research and civil society partners in Zimbabwe, Uganda and Ghana.  I recently worked as post-doctoral fellow for a project investigating concepts, metrics and policies related to the disproportionate impacts of climate change extreme events (DICE), involving collaboration with research institutes in the USA and Bangladesh. I have long worked with the politics and science of coastal managment and restoration.


Beyond my research I also teach for a variety of courses for the Lund University International Master’s Program in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science (LUMES), including:

  • MESS31- Earth System Science
  • MESS32- Social Theory and Sustainability
  • MESS33- Sustainability Science
  • MESS34- Governance and Sustainability
  • MESS35- Urban and Rural Systems and Sustainability
  • MESS36- Economy and Sustainability; Lead coordinator
  • MESS50- Deciphering Landscape; Lead coordinator; elective course.

As well as other Lund University Departments:

  • SGEL49- Sustainable development from a global, regional and local perspective; Undergraduate course, KEG, LU
  • SIMP 35- Theories and Issues in Development; Graduate School, Faculty of Social Science, LU


I work with a variety of organizations outside of the LUCSUS center. Some of the latest or ongoing activities include:

  • Tänk H20 initiative with Sydvatten:
  • Procivitas Private Highschool, Helsingborg/Lund:
  • (Only available in Swedish)

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