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Christian Fuentes is a Professor at the Department of Service Studies, Lund University. 

My research explores the interrelationships of consumption, markets, and society. Drawing on STS, economic sociology, and practice theory my work has explored how devices, technologies, and infrastructures shape consumption, marketing work, and the organization of markets. More specifically, I have written on topics such as the digitalization of ethical/sustainable consumption, the organization of alternative markets, how digitalization shapes shopping, green marketing practices, and sustainable consumption. Most of my research falls within three interrelated themes:

Sustainability and Markets
In the area of sustainability I have conducted research on Ethical Consumption, Green Marketing, Sustainable Retailing and Alternative Markets. I have, for example, studied how marketing inscribes product with green moralities to make them more valuable as cultural resources, how consumers practically accomplish green shopping, and how alternative food markets are socio-materially organized.
Digitalizing Consumption and Marketing Work
In the area of digitalization I have conducted research on Mobile Shopping, E-tailing, and the digitalization of retailing. I have, for example, taken an interest in how digital devices changes the way we listen to music, explored how new technologies such as smartphones reconfigure in-store shopping practices, traced how e-tailing companies have developed over time, and investigated the work of e-commerce managers.
Digital Technologies and Sustainable Consumption
Finally, combining my interest in sustainability and digitalization,  I have also explored how digital technologies can promote sustainable consumption. I have for example investigated how ”sustainability” apps reconfigure everyday life and enable ethical consumption, how and why digital food platforms fail to become part of consumers everyday food practices, and, conversely, the process and mechanisms through which the use of digital food platforms can become routinized. 



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