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I studied Landscape Architecture and Urban planning during my Bachelor's and Master's study. After a couple of years working as an urban designer and planner in China, inspired by Danish urban planner, Jan Gehl, I became interested in creating cities for people. I further pursued this direction via a Ph.D. program at the University of Copenhagen. My PhD study focused on cyclists' travel behavior in relation to urban form, attitude, socio-economic aspects, as well as planning cultures.  The result supported the policy-making for revitalizing bicycle transport in cities such as Beijing from a comprehensive perspective. The study consolidated my knowledge crosses the fields of transport study, urban planning, and social science.  

At Lund University and K2 - Swedish national center for research and education on public transport, my main research continues focusing on understanding users'  behavior and expectation towards future mobility, specifically, looking into how the users' needs should be taken into consideration in the process of developing the conventional and innovative mobility services as alternatives to cars, including walking, cycling, and multimodality as well as sharing mobility services (sharing escooters, bikes). By understanding users' preferences, attitudes, and expectations toward future mobility, the result is expected to support the development of strategies for the mobility service providers and public transport authorities to shape their role in the future mobility landscape. 




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