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The production of rock aggregates materials from crushed bedrock are widely exploited natural resource in Sweden, used for roads, railroads, and production of concrete. 

Variations in technical properties of the bedrock call for a prediction model addressing these variations with the metamorphic state, primarily metamorphic temperature, strain, and the presence of hydrous fluid and/or partial melt during metamorphism.

The goal for my Ph.D. research project is to present the prediction model for metamorphosed igneous bedrock and deformed under a ductile regimen, from the Sveconorwegian Province in SW Scandinavia. Metamorphic micro-textural variations in a lower continental plate and their bearing on rock technical properties will be analyzed based on microstructure and micro-texture, along a metamorphic field gradient from epidote-amphibolite- to high-pressure granulite-facies, including petrological and isotopic techniques in order to assay all factors involved. 

The project will perform in collaboration with the Geological Survey of Sweden and Research Institutes of Sweden AB.

Principal supervisor is Prof. Charlotte Möller (Department of Geology, Lund University); co-supervisors are Dr. Jan Erik Lindqvist (Research Institutes of Sweden AB, Lund) and Senior Geologists Dr. Jenny Andersson and Mattias Göransson (both at the Geological Survey of Sweden, Uppsala), and Dr. Urban Åkesson at the Swedish Transport Administration.


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