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Daniel Brink has a PhD degree in Applied Microbiology and MSc degree in Biotechnology from Lund University, Sweden. He is specialized towards Systems Biology approaches for lignocellulose valorization using baker’s yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and other non-conventional yeasts, and have also worked on bacterial species (such as Pseudomonas) capable of metabolism of lignocellulose-derived compounds. His research profile is a combination of metabolic engineering and microbial physiology wet laboratory work, and in silico bioinformatics on massive nucleotide sequencing data (genomics and transcriptomics), and database development. 


Since December 2020 until the end of November of 2022 Daniel Brink is employed as a Postdoctoral fellow in a joint research collaboration between Chalmers University, Gothenburg and Applied Microbiology at Lund University. The position is financed by a Formas grant with Thomas Andlid at Chalmers as main applicant. He is doing ~50% of his current work at Chalmers in separate and parallel to the work at Lund University, and with completely different co-authors. His work at Chalmers regards genomic and transcriptomic analysis of oleaginous yeast strains. His postdoc work at Lund University concerns metabolic engineering and physiological characterization of said yeast strains.


Daniel Brink is teaching in the Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology programmes at the Faculty of Engineering, Lund University, and is a guest lecturer at the Microbiology course at the Department of Biology at the Faculty of Science in Lund. His current teaching activities includes lectures and class room teaching, laboratory classes and supervision of Master Thesis projects.

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