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I am interested in what causes environmental problems and how social movements seek to address them. In other words, I am interested in how prevailing social structures and institutions interact with natural systems and landscapes to generate concrete environmental problems and sustainability challenges, and how social movements mobilize collective action to address these problematic outcomes. My research analyzes multi-scalar dynamics of land-use change, climate change and social movement mobilization, and also covers methodological development in sustainability science. To develop use-inspired research outcomes, I approach these diverse and intertwined nature-society interactions through problem-driven interdisciplinary research where I draw on political economy, radical geography, social movement theory, ecology and energy research.


Since 2012 I have taught and supervised master - and bachelor students at Lund University. I coordinated, and taught extensively at, the courses Gender and Sustainability in Theory and Everyday Life, Sustainability and Popular Culture and Sustainable development from a local, regional and global perspective. I was responsible for the social science component of the course Climate, Science and Society, and supervised many students taking the course Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science: Master’s Thesis.

Other courses where I have taught include: Urban & Rural Systems and Sustainability; Economy and Sustainability; Energy and Sustainability; Governance of Sustainability; Historical Aspects of Development; Gender, Global Development, and Postcolonialism; Social Science Lab; Methods for Climate Risk Management; Environmental Science: Industrial Environmental Economics, and; Environmental Science: Instruments for preventative environmental protection.


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