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Deniz N. Duru is a (tenure-track) assistant professor at the Department of Communication and Media at Lund University. She holds a PhD / Dphil in Anthropology from the University of Sussex and worked in the Sociology Department at the University of York and at the Media, Cognition and Communication Department at the University of Copenhagen. Her research interests include conviviality, multiculturalism, diversity, social media, media anthropology, anthropology of Turkey, and migrants in Europe. She has published book chapters and journal articles in the South European Society and Politics, Southeast European and Blacksea Studies and Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. She currently teaches Digital Ethnography, Digital Methods, Media and Diversity and Qualitative Data Analysis and coding at Masters' Level.


Since 2008, I have worked on five projects that investigated diversity, migration and media use in communities characterised by ethno-religious and socio-economic differences in Europe and its peripheries. My current research on Workaway builds on digital media use in mobility studies and long-term digital ethnography in Denmark. Transsol was an interdisciplinary and comparative Horizon2020 project on transnational solidarity towards migrants, refugees, unemployed and disabled people in Europe. The Eurochallenge project examined the ways in which migrants socialise and use social media as a communication tool between the state, the civil society, Danes and immigrants. We investigated differences among EU and non-EU migrants in accommodating to the Danish flexicurity labour and welfare regime during times of economic crisis (post 2008). During the Eucross (EU FP7 project), I investigated transnational cross-border practices, virtual mobility (internet and social media use), perceptions of diversity and multiple identities of Turkish and Kurdish migrants in Europe (UK, Denmark, Italy and Germany). 

My doctoral thesis proposal won the ORSAS (Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme funded by the UK government) competition, which was open to all disciplines within the university. I also received Sussex Anthropology Department Fellowship and was awarded the writing-up grant from the Funds for Women Graduates in the UK.


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