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Since August 2018, I am the prefect of the Malmö Theatre Academy. 

As prefect I am responsible for educations and research. 

I have a strong ambition to further open our school to the city of Malmö and it´s surroundings. It is an amazing and diverse city that we are situated in. I also want to keep developing the educational programmes and research in close collaboration with students and personnel. 

I was educated as a stage director at the Danish National School of Performing Arts in 1992. 

From 1993-1996 I was artistic director of Vendsyssel Theatre in Denmark.

After years of working with musical drama, modern drama and classical texts in the major theatres in Denmark, I was a curator at Camp X in Copenhagen from 2006 to 2008.

At Camp X we presented international groups as Rimini Protokoll, Forced Entertainment, Campo Victoria and Gob Squad. 

 In 2010 I established Global Stories -a platform working with research based docufiction, using performative and interactional strategies. Our projects were investigating economical, sociological and political dilemmas and turning them into challenging and entertaining performances. Read more at

Between 2014-2017 I was chair of the Stage Art Committee under the Danish Art Council, appointed by the Cultural Minister. 

My latest productions include: "Made in India“, documentary theatre on Indian surrogacy, ”Ni hao Nuuk“, an expedition into the future of Greenland and ”I am also Somalia”.

In addition, I have been working as a teacher, lecturer, consultant and member of the jury at the Danish National School of Performing Arts.




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