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My main research interest is how cities and people manage and adapt to climate-related risk, including the contributions and different representations of Nature in this process. Since uncovering and addressing root causes of risk and vulnerability requires working across traditional academic disciplines and the science/society-divide, I am also interested in interdisciplinary, participatory and reflexive approaches to science.

My current research focus at LUCSUS is on synergies and conflicts around climate change adaptation and related nature-based solutions in informal settlements in rapidly urbanising cities in the Global South; in particular, in Brazil and India.

Past research includes my newly published PhD thesis, where I used an interdisciplinary and mixed methods approach to examine the role and potential of two relatively new approaches for reducing local risk from adverse climate events: ecosystem-based adaptation and citizen engagement in adaptation. This entailed reviewing scientific evidence from urban case studies worldwide, and empirically examining adaptation processes in south-Swedish municipalities. In particular, I examined how and on what basis ecosystem-based adaptation is applied in cities; how and for what reasons Swedish citizens engage in adaptation; and how the two approaches played out in local adaptation governance.

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