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I am fascinated by animals that live in and move through extreme environments, from the high alpine to the far north. I am interested in the different coping mechanisms that migrants and residents have evolved to deal with seasonal fluctuations and future trajectories in response to climate change. For my PhD, I aim to find out what energy budgets can tell us about life history strategies and trade-offs in Blue Tits, a small song bird in a highly seasonal environment. During my masters at Lund University, I studied maximum fueling rates in short-, medium-, and long-distance migratory songbirds at a stopover site in southern Sweden.


Alongside my research interests, I am a ardent outdoor enthusiast and nature nerd and my true habitat is on a trail somewhere in the mountains. I studied natural history and led kids' backpacking trips while earning my bachelors degree in Evolutionary Ecology at the University of California in Santa Cruz. My main motivation comes from an interest in conservation and admiration for nature. Although birds are my favorite organisms, I worked broadly as a field assistant with a range of taxa from bison to elephant seals.

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  • Evolutionsbiologi


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