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My research interests fall into two areas: theoretical linguistics (in particular syntax, semantics and pragmatics, but also word formation) and language processing.

In my current research, I use EEG to look at the brain's processing of anaphoric pronouns that refer back to quantified expression or to referential noun-phrases. As part of this research, I investigate the discourse focus properties of different types of quantifying expressions and discuss issues such as why negative quantifying expressions often allow and even prefer a switch in reference from a set of entities for which some property holds, to a set of entities for which it does not hold. More in general, I am interested in the processing of ambiguous expressions and in linguistic negation at different levels.

My theoretical work focuses on issues connected to argument licensing and argument alternations in, for instance, middle constructions, passives, and tough-constructions in English and Swedish. In those contexts, I have also been concerned with the interaction between morphological agreement and scope relations. I am also interested in the role played by adjectives and adverbs in generic descriptions.


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