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PhD research project “A Voice beyond the Edge”

My research project is situated within the topic of exploring new fields in the scenario of the extra-normal voice. Research and experiments in this area have already enhanced our knowledge of what humans can do going beyond the limits of voice. So far, not enough investigation has been devoted to devising a method to handle and improve the extended vocal techniques, and to find tools that could provide upgrades for singers who are approaching to extra-normal voice, for those who already practice some techniques and want to improve them or learn others, and for composers who could refer to a specific system of techniques. My research project will focus on developing a coaching method to learn some extended vocal techniques.

Many kinds of sounds will be considered and explored, since there are many still unconsidered and unidentified (for instance, different kinds of multiphonics or the glottal whistle known as M4 mechanism). These techniques will be explored as empirical material, with the aid of experts (doctors, physicians, logopedics) and dedicated laboratories (Human Lab and the medical department in Lund): the aim is to find different ways to produce these extra normal sounds and to train them. So, I will conduct a practical research on myself and, as an extension of that, on other singers through workshops and collaborations with existing institutions around extra-normal voice (Dresden).

One of the outputs of my research project is to build a strong experience around extra-normal voice, giving Malmö a leading place on the international map about this topic. I would like the Malmö Academy of Music to become the Multimedia Center for the Extra-normal Voice, the first one in Scandinavia.

The research outputs will be gathered into a new-born Archive of Extended Vocal Techniques, which will be part of the Multimedia Center. The aim is to communicate the artistic knowledge nationally and internationally using new technology, and to translate the research into directly applicable information. The Archive will have a physical presence inside the Library in the Malmö Academy of Music and a digital presence, using new technology possibilities in the most useful and clear way to enhance knowledge about the voice issue.

Since the aim is also to communicate new knowledge, my intention is to run a New music vocal ensemble with students from the singing classes of the MHM, and to organize concerts and calls for scores dedicated to pieces that involve the extra-normal voice. Singing students will be involved also in collaborations with professional contemporary music ensembles that will be invited in Malmö.

Workshops and lectures about some specific topics on extra-normal voice will be also held: they will involve experts of some techniques who don’t belong to Western traditional world, such as folk singers who routinely produce sounds that extend beyond the bounds of the standard vocal production.


Konstnärligt arbete

High soprano

Felicita Brusoni (b. 1986, Italy) is a contemporary soprano, vocal performer and a PhD student in Music with specialization in voice at Malmö Academy of Music, University of Lund (Sweden) carrying on a practice-based research project about extended vocal techniques.

She studied opera singing at the R. Accademia Filarmonica in Bologna (Italy) while obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in DAMS – Disciplines of Arts, Music and Performative Arts (2010). Then, she earned a Bachelor’s Degree (2014) in Singing, and a first-class Master Degree (2017) in Vocal Chamber Music (focused on Lieder and contemporary music repertoire) from the Music Conservatory in La Spezia (Italy), where she also began to study the French horn.

As a performer, she improved in contemporary singing with Nicholas Isherwood and Alda Caiello, building up a repertoire for solo voice, voice and electronics, duo with piano or other instruments, or voice ensemble, including pieces by Andriessen, Aperghis, Berio, Bussotti, Cage, Castiglioni, Crumb, Curran, Edgerton, Globokar, Kagel, Kurtág, Lachenmann, Ligeti, Rihm, Saariaho, Scelsi, Sciarrino, Stockhausen.

Through collaborations with composers and attending different labs focused on contemporary music, she started to explore the melting of different languages, incorporating various components in her performances, from visual arts to electronics.

Besides national and international performances and concerts, opera theatres hirings and contemporary music festivals, she has sung several premieres written for her. She has worked together with composers such as Corrado, Curran, De Pasquale, Edgerton, Favali, Globokar, Nicoli, Scheipner, Spinosa, Vaglini, and she has been chosen as voice in residence in Stefano Gervasoni’s workshop for composers in Livorno (2020).

Felicita performs solo, in duo with pianist Matteo Bogazzi (“Helmut Duo”) and in ensembles.

Concerts led her to festivals all over Italy and Europe: Biennale di Venezia (Italy), International Stockhausen-Summerclasses (Kürten, Germany), Musica Futura (L’Aquila, Italy), Suoni Inauditi and Livorno Music Festival (Livorno, Italy), New Music Project (San Marino), Contrasti MotoContrario (Trento, Italy), Rondò by Divertimento Ensemble (Milano, Italy), New Made Week (Rovigo, Italy), Sound Spaces (Malmö, Sweden), Camino Contro Corrente (Camino al Tagliamento, Italy).

As opera soloist, she sang Britten, Menotti, Puccini and premiered two new operas at Biennale di Venezia 2018 (by composers Sofia Avramidou and Elisa Corpolongo).

She also performed musical theatre pieces, due to her stage skills (Histoire du Soldat by Stravinskij, Façade by Walton, Chansons de Bilits by Debussy, Platero y Yo by Castelnuovo Tedesco).

In 2019 she won, in duo with Victor Andrini (bass), the “Special Jury” Prize for the performance of In the sky I am walking (Indianerlieder) by Karlheinz Stockhausen at “Note tra i calanchi” Festival in Bagnoregio, Italy.

In 2018 she won the “Best Singer” Prize at San Marino New Music Project for her performance of the piece for solo voice Jenseits der Sicherheit by Vinko Globokar. According to the composer, this was the best performance ever of the piece.

As well as contemporary music repertoire, Felicita worked with professional singers and ensembles focused on early and baroque music, and sang masterpieces by Bach, Carissimi, Couperin, Händel, Mozart, Vivaldi. She has recorded a CD for Bongiovanni with oratorios by Carissimi (Iudicium Extremum, Jephte).

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