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As a PhD student for the Aquatic Biogeochemistry group, my work concerns the export of Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) to aquatic ecosystems in the boreal forest. Broadly speaking the research for my PhD can be divided into upland DOC production from sources ranging from tree - understory to moss litter, soil DOC dynamics and seasonal labile DOC variations in headwater streams. The main aim of my thesis project is to provide a quantified overview of different DOC sources and gain insights into spatial and temporal DOC dynamics within a forested boreal catchment as related to land (vegetation) cover.

My main research interests are in carbon and nutrient dynamics across ecosystem borders, mainly the terrestrial to aquatic interface, but more recently I have extended across the boreal to the arctic environment. Next to my PhD I just started a new international project in collaboration with Anna Maria Virkkala from Helsinki University where we look at the spatial variation in DOC of arctic tundra soils as related to vegetation, soil properties and greenhouse gas emmissions. For this project we are now looking for a motivated master thesis student to join the field- and lead the laboratory work. 


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  • Predicting the interactivity of DOM across terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems

    Martin Berggren (organisatör), Francois Guillemette (organisatör), Magadalena Bieroza (inbjuden talare), Mayra Rulli (presentatör), Jean-Francois Lapierre (inbjuden talare), Pearl Mzobe (presentatör), Richard LaBrie (inbjuden talare), Dolly Kothawala (inbjuden talare), Anne Deininger (inbjuden talare), Karolina Einarsdottir (inbjuden talare), Ishi Buffam (inbjuden talare), Kathleen Murphy (inbjuden talare), Johanna Sjöstedt (inbjuden talare), Hani Younes (presentatör), Urban Wünsch (inbjuden talare), Geert Hensgens (presentatör) & Jeffrey Hawkes (inbjuden talare)

    2018 nov 202018 nov 23

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