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Gigi Argyropoulou is a theorist, curator, dramaturg and practitioner working in the fields of performance and cultural practice. She holds an MA in Visual Performance and Time Based Art Practices from Dartington College of Art (UK) and a PhD from University of Roehampton (UK) focused on space, politics and performance. Gigi received the Routledge Prize for PSi 18 in 2012 and Dwight Conquergood Award for her work in 2017.


Gigi co-initiated and organised public programmes, performances, festivals, conferences, actions, interventions, exhibitions and cultural projects both inside and outside institutions. She is a founding member of EIGHT/Το Οχτώ critical institute of arts and politics, Green Park, Mavili Collective, Institute for Live Arts Research and F2 Performance Unit/Mkultra. As a member of Mavili and other collectives Gigi co-initiated/organised occupations, interventions and actions of cultural critique during the years of crisis in Greece. Her artistic work during the last 20 years has been presented in theatres, festivals and found spaces in Greece, the UK and Europe including National Theatre of Greece, Hellenic Festival, Bios, Spielart, ARC, documenta14, What_Now festival, Teatro Europeo amongst others. She co-iniated the DIY Performance Biennial in Athens and curated numerous public programs and festivals in diverse contexts exploring critical modes of relation/intervention in cultural and socio-political landscapes. 


Gigi has taught at Universities in postgraduate and undergraduate programmes in UK and Europe and was Associate Research Fellow at Birkbeck College, UK and an Associate Researcher with Performance Matters (University of Roehampton, Goldsmiths University & LADA). Gigi is co-editor of the special issue of Performance Research Journal “On Institutions” (September, 2015) and  publishes regularly in journals, books and magazines. She was a member of the curatorial and editorial board of HKW’s New Alphabet School (2019-2022) and co-curated the editions ‘On Instituting’(Athens, 2021) and ‘Commonings’ (Berlin, 2022). Currently, Gigi is the editor of the upcoming publication: Instituting: Space-making, Refusal and Organising in Arts and beyond (Archive, 2023)


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