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I am interested in animal movement and in particular searching strategies and navigation mechanisms. My work focus on developing new tracking technologies and computational methods for animal behaviour data acquisition, modelling and analysis. I am part of various cross-disciplinary projects with the aim of understanding the causes and consequences of animal movements in diverse taxa and across different scales.

I am the technical expert of the Animal Navigation Lab that aims at understanding how animals migrate. We use migratory birds as model species and combine field, laboratory and modelling approaches to disentangle what are the mechanisms that cause variations in migratory phenotypes.

I am involved in the nano particle tracking project where we combine computer vision and fluorescent nanotechnology to track zooplankton in 3D at the individual level. The platform is used in several projects at the Aquatic Unit including migration in small aquatic animals and phenotypic integration in the landscape of fear.

I am also the manager of the 3D Laboratory where we deal with different technologies for quantifying, analysing and visualising 3D complex phenotypes of both extant and extinct organisms.


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