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I have a broad interest in plants and their environments, focusing on plant-insect interactions and floral signaling. I got my BSc and MSc here in Lund, and I am now continuing my research as a PhD student, working on complex floral traits in the same research group as where I did my master’s thesis. 

My main interest is in the evolutionary ecology of complex floral signals, such as floral scent and other chemical compounds that plants emit from e.g. leaves and what part they play in the interactions between plants and insects. I want to understand the evolutionary ecology of these signals, and for this purpose I focus on the crucifer Arabis alpina (alpine rock-cress) where we can observe great variation in several morphological and chemical traits among populations. In my research I want to identify the drivers behind this intraspecific variation, specifically I want to 1) investigate if among population variation in floral scent and other chemical compounds can be explained by local variation in pollinator communities and if so, 2) identify their roles as selection agents on plant chemical signals, and 3) try to identify the genomic underpinnings of the chemical variation. I will perform multiple common garden experiments as well as visit populations in the field during the coming years. I am happy to respond to any feedback or collaboration opportunities regarding my field of interest.

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  • Evolutionsbiologi


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