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I have a PhD in Water Resources Engineering with a dissertation about rainfall-runoff modelling using AI and remote sensing. My current research focuses on precipitation variability and hazards in natural and built environments using sensor fusion. The goal is to advance hydro-meteorological research and interdisciplinary applications addressing challenges posed by extreme weather and climate change.

I study various sets of terresterial, Micro Rain Radar, weather radar, satellite, and re-analysis data for high-resolution precipitation estimation and improved hydrological modelling, mainly concerning flood prediction. In addition, I evalute precise estimation of soil moisture and foliar wetness for efficient irrigation and pecticide use concerning agricultural water quality and quantity management. Furthermore, I develop new machine learning modelling (versus, tedious numerical modelling) for large scale analyses of moisture content in wooden structures exposed to rainfall and wind-driven rain concerning prediction of decay and service life assessments.

Approx. 90% of my full-time position is dedicated to research. The remaining portion involves departmental responsibilities, pariculatly teaching in the bachelor course Fluid Mechanics and, to a lesser extent, in the master course Water, Society, and Climate Change. I am also a co-supervisor of an industrial PhD stundet from SMHI, Louise Petersson, who is evaluating opportunistic rainfall sensors and privately owned weather stations, among others.

Outside of academia, I hold a black belt in Karate and played semi-professional football for several years, and, currently, during my free time, I am learning Swedish, exploring nature through hiking, practicing Goju-Ryu Katas, and occasionally playing futsal.

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  • SDG 2 – Ingen hunger
  • SDG 13 – Bekämpa klimatförändringarna

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