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Heidi Carmen Howard is a researcher in Medical Ethics at Lund University (Sweden) leading a multidisciplinary team working on the policy, ethical, legal, and social aspects of new technologies, especially in genetics and genomics.

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Her research focuses on using multi- and interdisciplinary approaches with a large emphasis on empirical research to study the challenges and implications of novel technologies (e.g. gene editing, next generation sequencing, Artificial intelligence in health care) and their responsible translation for end users and society. Current projects include themes such as ELSI of data-driven life science; consent for genomics in the clinic and gene editing in research; interview study of expert views on gene editing; policies for national genome projects (Genome Medicine Sweden); analysis of empirical data on the international survey Your DNA Your Say; engagement approaches and meaning in the debate on germ line gene editing in humans.

She has also worked extensively on commercial genomics and direct-to-consumer genetics; (forensic) biobanking; public health genomics; participant-centric research initiatives; public engagement and how best to merge different stakeholder voices in policy; as well as conceptual issues related to risk information and uncertainty in genetics and genomics.

Dr. Howard is the principal investigator of a Swedish Research Council (VR) funded-grant (480,000 Euro; 2018-2022) on the ELSI of gene editing. She is a GENIE initiative visiting scholar at Chalmers University and is an active member of the European Society of Human Genetics ELSI group (the Public and professional policy committee) for which she has co-authored many policy documents in genetics and genomics ( She is on the ethics committee of EIT Health and is a visiting scholar at the Sanger Welcome Trust Campus (Hinxton, UK since 2016) in the team of Dr. Anna Middleton.

Dr. Howard has an H-index of 31; has co-authored over 90 articles in international peer-reviewed journals, including journals such as Science, Nature, and Nature Genetics. She is an avid reader of fiction and will happily discuss books by Margaret Atwood (from her native Canada), Ayn Rand, and Delphine de Vigan.





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