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    My research focuses on collider physics. I am working on theoretical high-energy particle physics and I focus on processes and predictions that can be compared with the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experimental data. 

    On the Standard Model (SM) part, that is the current mathematical description of fundamental particles and their interactions, I am interested in higher order corrections of QCD and EW nature. The beyond expectation performance of the LHC has provided many accurate measurements for various processes at both total cross section and differential level. Therefore precision calculations from the theoretical side are necessary in order to claim whether we have an understanding of what we observe within the SM or not. For most of my work I am using automated tools (e.g. mg5_aMC, PYTHIA8, DELPHES, MadAnalysis5) in order either to provide precise predictions to experimentalists or to directly compare with public experimental data.

    Beyond the Standard Model (BSM) scenarios have also been developed in order to describe higher energy scales and to fill possible conceptual or mathematical gaps of the SM. The experiments are looking thoroughly for remnants of these scenarios at the LHC-level energies. On this part I am interested on the Effective Field Theory (EFT) approach, i.e. the model independent mathematical description of BSM theories. Including all 6-dimensional operators that naturally enter a process and studying their effect on the cross section, differential distributions and spin correlations one can capture the low energy signature of various BSM UV complete models.

    Both on the SM as well as the BSM part I am mostly working on top-quark physics, e.g. single top production and decay, top pair production and decay, top production associated with vector bosons.


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