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Jamil Khan

Universitetslektor, Docent

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I am Associate Professor at Environmental and Energy Systems Studies and have been engaged in research and teaching for over a decade. My research interests lie in the fields of environmental governance, policy and implementation studies, renewable energy, sustainable transport, urban climate governance, sustainability transitions and green political theory. I am interested in exploring the links between welfare state development and sustainability transitions. Modern welfare states are faced with numerous challenges which make it difficult to sustain high levels of welfare provision associated with the traditional welfare state. At the same time the environmental challenge means that we have to question our views on what brings welfare, for example the present high levels of private consumption with its associated levels of material and energy use. A future green society thus needs to find reconciliation between the legitimate welfare demands of its citizens and the needs to reduce the environmental impact of our activities.

My academic background is an MA in political science and a PhD in environmental and energy systems studies. My PhD thesis from 2004 dealt with the issue of local politics of renewable energy.


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