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Jane Jönsson


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Born and raised in Sweden, one of the most natural things was to start my studies at Lund University. One of my biggest interests in life has always been nature, the processes and the creatures within so it was not hard to choose – I aimed for Ecology and Biology as my major. On my journey towards a Masters degree in Biology I also got the chance to make some quick stops in Chemistry, Astronomy and Geology.

After my masters I have had the opportunity to work in several projects concerning a wide range of subjects, from monitoring carrot psyllid Trioza apicalis to microsatellites in Hieracium. My current position as a research engineer involves both keeping the lab running and taking part in research project, most often directed by Staffan Bensch. The main study object of these projects is the malaria parasites in birds, and it often involves procedures as extractions, PCR and sequencing.


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