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My current research interest concerns Real Estate in consumer culture, by way of studying real estate ads and their connections to contemporary trends in Tv-shows as well as everyday life focused on the "dream house". That is, the common pursuit of obtaining, building and renovating one's "dream house" or flat. In focus are interrelations, interests and conflicts between ideas of the home, the folkhem, the modern, the market, sustainability and the position of power of the real estate agent in weaving them all together. I am gathering data focusing on image, language, history and cultural conceptions of concepts involved in these discourses. Hemnet is one of my study sites.

I am Project Manager & Editor for the journal Game Studies, the running of which 2021-2021 is  funded by by grants from VR and NOS-H awarded me as project manager of the Game Studies Foundation. I founded the GSF in 2011 together with Espen Aarseth and Susana Tosca to find adequate much needed funding to run the journal platform

The Anthology "What's the Problem in Problem Gaming", co-edited with Anne-Mette Thorhauge and Andreas Gregersen was published April 2018, as an outcome of our research panels and seminars on the topic in 2016 and 2017 held in Lund and Germany. It takes a broad perspective on what usually is called game addiction, and promotes the concept of "problematic gaming" to connote the complexity and nuance of the topic. Our "Engaged Ethnography"-methods article also came out in Cultural Analysis  in Dec 2019, but they must have had a back-log. It has the date 2017!

Past projects include "Gaming Moms" focused on gaming and play in everyday life; the significance of reality TV outside the realm of the screen and the living room, outreach activities organized under the name of Reality-TV Gameshow The Biggest Loser, such as runs and walks and Gaming for Better and Worse (Program K). 

All my research is feminist in nature and interested in the mobilization (in all its manifestations: social, political, economical, cultural etc...)  of female-identified subjects. I particularly enjoy finding food for research in popular cultural phenomena like game culture, movies, books, media, tv etc. Health, sustainability, food, recycling and collective transport are also topics close to my heart. I have a pre-academic background in alternative health and am a Certified Physical Therapist and in 2016 I became a Certified Intentional Creativity Teacher and Coach to be able to facilitate personal and professional change in people, groups and organizations, using painting as a significant tool.

When I teach here at LU, I usually do so on the Master's Program in Applied Cultural Analysis (MACA) and the Bachelor's of Digital Culture (DIKA). I mainly supervise and coordinate. My work as supervisor has given me the opportunity to become engaged in many different topics over the years from organizational culture, refugee reception, health-branding, trams, chocolate, a lot of these topics overlap with research on sustainablity - waste managment, collective transport, urban planning- food management.

Since 2020 I co-lead the Digital Cultures Research Node with Robert Willim and am a member of the (now not so active but super-exciting) HEX-Humanities Experimental Research Group at the Faculties of Humanities and Theology. I used to coordinate its Digital Cultures and Games seminar series with labs 2009-2014. The seminars were open to all and held in English. Info on HEX past seminars and lectures:

Since 2008 I am Mg Editor, Deputy-Editor-in-Chief (2017) and Reviewer for the international journal of computer games research Game Studies, which you can find here: I am also the Initiator and Co-Founder of the not-for-profit Game Studies Foundation, which works to provide funding for scientific publishing of academic scholarship on games, primarily through the Journal Game Studies.

My anthology "Game Love: Essays on Play and Affection", co-edited with Dr Esther macCallum-Stewart, UK, was published in January 2015, on McFarland. 

I am happy to collaborate and network with people and organizations at other institutions, universities, as well as businesses and industry outside the academic realm. I have worked as supervisor and examiner at the IT-University in Copenhagen, as Examiner at the School of Education at University of South-Easten Norway, and the Master in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability at Blekinge Tekniska Högskola. I have collaborated with a Home for Elderly with Dementia with an art project on wheel chairs (2014). In In 2010, The Swedish National Institue of Public Health and I organized a big conference on gaming and gambling with focus on women and youth at the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences. Working with Project Management on DIKA and MACA always entails working together with industry as well as NGOs and public managment. In April 2015 I was at the Technical Museum in Stockholm to talk about Game Love. You can find my talk on Youtube, as the whole event was filmed.

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