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I am an ecologist interested in how agricultural landscapes best support biodiversity and ecosystem functions. I am especially interested in pollinators and how multiple stressors (such as habitat loss, pesticides and climate change) affect pollination services and farmers' agricultural resilience. 

I enjoy interdisciplinary research, and my projects combine ecological field data and model predictions with psychology and economic valuations to understand the uptake and effectiveness of different pollinator conservation practices across Europe (A View Across Fields) and under climate change scenarios (Plan Bee).

I am also interested in how agricultural practices expose bees to multiple pesticides and how these effects scale beyond traditional studies focusing on single substances in focal fields. My ecotoxicological research, led by Dr Rundlöf at Lund University, supports the basis for a more realistic, systems-based pollinator pesticide risk assessment that we are helping to define in the IPol-ERA project. 

Impact-driven, my research is transdisciplinary. I enjoy communicating and disseminating my work to multiple stakeholders: farmers, agricultural industries (levy boards, seed companies), land managers, beekeepers, scientists, and conservation organisations. 


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