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I work at the Biology Deparment technical innovation lab with database solutions, prototype electronics design and application programming. We support a number of CAnMove researchers with technical solutions.

I completed my PhD thesis "Bird Orientation: External Cues and Ecological Factors" in 2002. Research topics that I have explored focus on orientation in migratory birds; with special attention to body condition, magnetic orientation and orientation in free flight. My work has been carried out using funnel cages for measurement of the direction of activity and tracking radar for observation of free flying birds.

Until 2018 I worked within the CAnMove programme as a technical coordinator and 2003-2010 with IT systems at The Nordic Genebank/NordGen (web, databases, programming), first as a  database developer and later as IT manager. One system I developed was the storage logistics system at Svalbard Global Seedvault.  Concurrently, I worked part time with radar ornithology projects at Lund University. From 1991 until 2010 I was  part owner of and active in a small company developing electronics for animal behaviour & physiology studies and low voltage power systems for vehicles.
My main professional interests are bird migration biology, sensory electronics, low power microcontroller systems, energy harvesting, data modelling, data analysis, programming and data sharing solutions using internet.


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