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My research topic is how the heart pumps in different scenarios, namely after myocardial infarction and heart failure. Both of these diseases are severe conditions affecting millions of people worldwide. Since the scale of these problems, any improvement in physiology, pathophysiology, prognostication, and treatment for these conditions could lead to massive benefits for patients. The precipitant for a worsened clinical situation is often a reduced pump function – either by ischemia or other causes. A heart’s pumping action can be assessed in several ways, and my studies mainly focus on the pumping motion in the longitudinal axis (from apex to base) and Pressure-Volume loops.

I’m an industrial Ph.D. student collaborating with the med-tech company Syntach AB, and I plan to defend my thesis on the 17th of June. My current Ph.D. project includes studies of both experimental and clinical populations. The methodologies I use include cardiac magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, and various methods regarding interventional cardiac instrumentation.

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