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My background is in Soft Matter Physics and Neutron Scattering technique.

I am working at the Virus Biophysics Group at the Faculty of Medicine LU, to study the apparent structural reorganisation of viral genome inside a capsid by using scattering techniques, as well as, performing data analysis. Also, we have been researching on the derivation of a semi-empirical equation (EOS) of state that accounts for both viral DNA-DNA interaction and bending stress to the total viral internal pressure. This EOS accurately predicts the relationship between the capsid pressure and the packaged DNA density, which is intimately linked to the interxial distance.

Our research, also, have been focused on account for the effectivity of capsid attachment to cell nuclei prior to genome ejection, which initiates the viral infection and replication processes into the lytic life cycle of a virus. On other side, another challenge that our lab has, is the time-tracking of growing of viral genome inside cell's nucleus in order to follow up how the DNA is replicating at certain time points post infection.

The Virus Biophysics Lab currently is moving on to be involved into research of gene therapy through Adeno-Associated -Virus (AAV) in order to help with treatment of some diseases. Please, stay tuned to heard progress on this regard.

About me:

My full name is José Ramón Villanueva Valencia. I got my PhD in Physics (of Soft Condensed Matter) by the University of Guanajuato, México. I have been Guest Researcher at the NIST Center for Neutron Research, USA, where I learnt all basics behind small angle neutron scattering (SANS) focused to soft matter.




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