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 Jože Tavčar was awarded B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in mechanical engineering from the University of Ljubljana, respectively, in 1991, 1994, and 1999. He started his career as a researcher and assistant [1991-2001] with a research focus on technical information systems, information flow in product development, process re-engineering, and methodology of design. Later, he spent a decade in industry. In the period [2001–2006] he was the head of the noise and vibration lab at the Domel company and [2006–2011] the Head of the quality department at Iskra Mehanizmi. Between 2011 and 2020, he was working again at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. He was lecturing the courses: Design methodology, Engineering design techniques, Engineering design from non-metal materials. He coordinated a team for technical information systems and design from non-metallic materials. He worked abroad for a total of more than a year as a researcher in ProSTEP AG,  Darmstadt, Germany (1995), Institute for computer application in planning and engineering design, University Karlsruhe, Germany (1996), Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands (2016). 

Research interest: In the past decade his research interest is focused on engineering-design techniques, engineering design from non-metal materials, re-engineering of the product-development process, and technical information systems. During his period in industry he was involved in several product-development teams with international corporations such as Philips, Electrolux, Rowenta. He co-ordinated the development of the motors’ diagnostic system and he gained a deep understanding of the noise-reduction and vibrations topics. Later, as the head of the quality department he was developing quality systems for the automotive industry (ISO/IATF 16949) and medical devices (ISO 13485, FDA). A unique combination of practical experiences from product development (a detailed view) and a system approach (a holistic view) is a good background for research in engineering design. A network of contacts with industry, a good understanding of engineers’ needs, on the one hand, and theoretical knowledge and advanced computing tools is a promising combination for future research work. Data mining, big-data analysis, the design of smart cyber-physical systems, the application of agility methods and knowledge management into the product-development process are his current research topics. He published over 30 SCI papers, over 50 conference papers, 5 book chapters and over 80 technical reports.

Research and application projects: Jože Tavčar has coordinated several application and research projects. He was involved in the project of applying the PLM system eMatrix to the white-goods manufacturer Gorenje, with 6000 employees in 2001. It was a significant process improvement towards paperless business and as an important reference for other companies. During his employment in the Domel company, he coordinated the development of a diagnostic system for vacuum-cleaner motors. The research project in the first step with an external partner (IJS) evolved into an efficient application. The end-of-line control based on noise, electric current, and vibration diagnostics was in the next decade built for each new production line in Domel. When he was the head of the quality department in Iskra Mehanizmi he managed a team of 30 employees and he coordinated several application projects at the company level. He coordinated the application of the automotive standard (ISO 1649) into an injection-molding plant. He set up a laboratory for testing small appliances (lifespan testing, anechoic chamber, shaker, contamination checking). He was involved in a project for the application of a system for medical devices (ISO 13485, FDA) and the application of the PLM system Windchill. In the past, he coordinated a research project related to polymer gears (EVA4green, MAPgears). Jože Tavčar had an important role in connecting two companies and four recognized research institutions in the MAPgears project. The objectives are weight reduction, better durability, and energy efficiency in power-transmission engineering. The application project related to polymer gears is the development of compact e-drive for bicycles in co-operation with the companies Domel and Podkrižnik. A serial production with a quantity of 150,000 in the first 3 years has been launched. 

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2015 godkände FN:s medlemsstater 17 Globala mål för en hållbar utveckling, för att utrota fattigdomen, skydda planeten och garantera välstånd för alla. Den här personens arbete relaterar till följande Globala mål:

  • SDG 8 – Anständiga arbetsvillkor och ekonomisk tillväxt
  • SDG 9 – Hållbar industri, innovationer och infrastruktur


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