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The main theme of my research is to understand the causes and consequences of migration in aquatic ecosystems.

Members of the same population often differ considerably in their propensity to migrate, such that only some individuals partake in migratory behaviour whilst others remain resident. The phenomenon of partial migration has been reported from several freshwater lakes, where part of the fish populations migrate into connected streams and wetlands during winter.

My research goals are to shed light on the mechanisms behind partial migration in this system, asking what factors makes individuals adopt either a migratory or resident strategy. We use a variety of methods to answer this puzzling question, but long-term monitoring of individual fish by the use of passive telemetry is an extremely valuable tool in our research. Currently, a research project is taking place with focus on the consequences of individual sex and morphology on the decision to migrate or remain resident. In the future, I also hope to assess how migratory patterns changes during ontogeny in our study system.


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