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Personlig profil


My PhD project is about Swedish residents’ social welfare and environmental attitudes, but also their political strategies to achieve societal transformations and prevent climate change. The PhD project is conducted within the research project The New Urban Challenge? Models of Sustainable Welfare in Swedish Metropolitan Cities. It is expected to be completed in the end of 2022.


Research interests


My research interest lies primarily in the intersection between social policy and climate change. Other research interests are to be found in welfare state development, welfare service delivery, and civil society’s collective organizing and mobilizing in relation to the welfare state, but also in relation to social-ecological transformations.


Teaching and other commitments


I am involved in various courses on the undergraduate level (Methods course and Social work in times of crises) and on the graduate level (Civil Society and Social Work).


Together with Roberto Scaramuzzino I am coordinating the research group Civil Society and Social Work (CSSA).


Previous education and work experience


I hold a Master's degree in Political Science from Lund University and a Bachelor's degree in Social Policy and Welfare Studies from Växjö University. Also, I have work experience as a public official, mainly within the Swedish unemployment insurance system.


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