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I am involved in research and teaching of technical and theoretical aspects of geographic information science. My main interests are algorithms for processing, analyzing and visualizing geographic data in both 2D and 3D as well as methods to improve the national spatial data infrastructure. I am also interested in applications of GIS and have performed spatial analysis research in e.g. urban planning, historical demography, epidemiology and hydrology. Has a background in geodesy which I still have a keen interest in.

I am subject head of geographic information science at the department of physical geography and ecosystem science and part of the GIS Centre at Lund University See link for a description of our projects.

The courses that I coordinate/teach are: Algorithms in GIS, Web-GIS, Surveying, Geographical databases and Geographic information technology.

Is since 2021 academic representative of the Swedish geodata boad.

Is editor of the Swedish GIS book Geografisk informationsbehandling: teori, metoder och tillämpningar.

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