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Laura Cox is a doctoral student within the project “Evidence over Conviction: Young children's Development of Emotional Security and Adjustment”, which is led and supervised by associate professor Elia Psouni. Laura is co-supervised by Senior Lecturer and Clinical Psychologist Elin Alfredsson (University of Gothenburg). Laura works alongside Gizem Han and Martina Andersson Søe, who are also doctoral students related to the project. 

Laura's research focuses on the roles of gender and parent mental health in relation to coparenting and family development. She aims to explore coparenting dynamics in Sweden, paternal experiences, and the role of gender in childcare and perception of coparenting. She is also particularly interested in the experiences of LGBTQ+ families and single parents. Her research is primarily quantitative (based on large scale survey data), however qualitative and mixed-methods approaches will also feature. 


Laura's background is in clinical psychology, having completed the MSci in Psychological Theory and Practice at the University of Reading (UK) and having worked for a research clinic for anxiety and depression in young people. She has qualified as a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (2018) and a Wellbeing and Career Coach (2020). Her professional work is directed towards making research more accessible to audiences outside academia. 



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