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I am a biologist currently employed as a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Biology Department, Lund University. I am interested in carbon cycling and environmental change in general, and in the role of microbial decomposers in regulating carbon and nutrient cycling in particular.

In 2019 I completed a PhD with a special focus on the role of microbial decomposers in the decomposition of organic matter and the controlling factors of microbial activity. During this time I have specifically developed a method to investigate the microbial contribution to carbon dioxide emissions and to carbon stocks - carbon use efficiency. This method was applied to study microbial contribution to carbon cycling in agriculture and forest soils in temperate and boreal zones, to investigate carbon partitioning by microbes during plant litter decomposition in terrestrial and aquatic environments, and to reveal the effect of heavy metal contamination in microbial functions.

Currently, as a Post-Doctoral Researcher at Aquatic Ecology and CEC I am working in two different projects:

1. Causes and consequences of increasing iron concentrations in surface waters. This project aims at investigating whether iron protects organic matter from microbial degradation and affects the role of lakes as a carbon sink.

2. The effect of burn severity, salvage-logging and stand age in forest recovery after wild fire. My role in this project is to study the contribution of microbial decomposers to biogeochemical cycling and forest recovery.


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