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I am a feminist geographer researching human-environment interactions, specifically investigating the human dimensions of water. I am interested in waterscapes and how they are modified, reified and used by people and in turn, how local and indigenous communities, adapt their norms and customs in the face of climate change. I have also researched that role that migration and conflict play in (mal)adapting to water insecurity. I have conducted research in KenyaTanzaniaEcuador,Venezuela and Appalachia in the USA.

My ethical standpoint as a feminist geographer is grounded on the importance of participatory and decolonizing research methodologies, which demand the sharing of research results with participating communities. Accordingly, I have disseminated my research in different formats e.g. workshops with research participants and booklets in local languages.

I serve as Coordinating Lead Author of the 2021 6th United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Assessment Report. I am leading the chapter on Water in the 2nd Working Group on Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation.

I am also interested in the neoliberal turn of the academia and its consequences for early- career female faculty and researchers. I am a member of the International Geographical Union Gender Commission Steering Committee.


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