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I am an evolutionary biologist interested in the role of constraints in macroevolution. Most of my study has focused on multivariate constraints on morphological traits, such as brain size across jawed-vertebrates, antler size of extant/extinct deers or wing shape of drosophila flies, asking if and how trait covariances shape phenotypic diversity across the tree of life. I use modern phenomic tools (geometric morphometrics, photogrammetry etc.) and phylogenetic comparative method to study these questions, and have a growing interest in integrating quantitative/population genetic theories and tools into macroevolutionary framework. You can find more about my current and past work in my homepage.

My project in Lund extends my research by combining my data-driven approaches with the strong experimentally-based research tradition at this institution. Specifically, I will study study how natural and sexual selection on wing morphology in wild populations of damselflies are related to the direction and the tempo and mode of wing shape evolution across the order Odonata. In connection with a study of the phenotypic variance-covariance matrix in wing morphology of Drosophila flies, that will be conduced in parallel at the Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES) at University of Oslo, my overall goal is to gain novel insights in the interplay between adaptation and constraints  at the interface between micro- and macroevolution.

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