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I am currently working in the research project Approaching the Numinous, together with professor Jayne Svenungsson and PhD student Clara Berg. The project is funded by the LMK foundation 2017–2020. The purpose is to explore affinites between the aesthetic and the spiritual in today's secular, multicultural society. 

My other research covers foremost three areas. 

The first is ”visual historiography”, how historical consciousness is shaped by and expressed in art and visual culture. 

The second is how images of the bodily interior, from anatomy to biomedicine, express and influence ideas about the human as biological organism, existential being and societal creature.

The third area is performativity and creativity, particularly in the intersection between art and the law.

My research is driven by a fascination for how humans create meaning by beholding and depicting the world in various ways. But also how presence partly resists man’s attempt to understand it – the gap between meaning and matter, name and body. I have had several interdisciplinary collaborations with historians, ethnologists, legal scholars, and bioscientists. 

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