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No conclusive picture has emerged yet that would allow us to quantitatively correct 10Be records for varying climate influences, which in turn, hinders a more reliable solar reconstruction. Therefore, my PhD project will mainly focus on the climate influence on the 10Be transport and deposit process in Greenland, then to have a better solar activity reconstruction based on 10Be over a period of the last 200yrs.

I will work on an 80 m deep short ice core from the NEEM project that is dedicated exclusively to 10Be measurement. This shallow NEEM ice core is especially well suited for such an analysis since it can cover this time period with seasonal resolution which is unprecedented. High resolution 10Be activity coupled with reanalysis data and climate models would help us to shed light on the problem identifying and separating the climatic influences on 10Be records.


Supervisors: Raimund Muscheler (main supervisor, LU); Jesper Sjolte (LU); Florian Adolphi (LU); Andreas Nilsson (LU).


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