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Misagh Mottaghi

Knuten till universitetet, Doktorand

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Misagh is an architect and urban designer. After finishing her MS in Architectural Engineering in Iran and working in architectural practice in different design sectors and architectural universities she continued her education by studying another MS in Sustainable Urban Design at Lund University of Sweden. Between 2013-2015, she was a research engineer in the Water and Environmental Engineering section at Lund University. She worked on several national and international projects, applying architectural views to understand water-related environmental challenges from a different point of view. Since 2016, she is an industrial PhD student at the department of Architecture and Built Environment. Her PhD project is reviewing urban flood management from an urban design perspective by focusing on everyday use and its temporality. Her thesis title is ‘Carescape of blue-green solutions in everyday life: Exploring the socio-materiality of a technical infrastructure’. In her study, she borrows the notion of care to critically discuss the (co)beneficiality of BGS through relational human-nonhuman perspectives and through qualitative and quantitative methods.

Ämnesklassifikation (UKÄ)

  • Teknik och teknologier
  • Humaniora


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  • Urban Creativity Seminar

    Esteban Marín (inbjuden talare), Peter Bengtsen (organisatör), Emma Nilsson (organisatör), Erik Hannerz (organisatör), Georgios Stampoulidis (deltagare), Veronika Urbonaite-Barkauskiene (deltagare), Laura Liuke (deltagare), Misagh Mottaghi (deltagare), Maria Rasmussen (deltagare), Christina Tente (deltagare) & Tommy Juth (deltagare)

    2019 sep. 9

    Aktivitet: Deltagit i eller arrangerat evenemangDeltagit i workshop/ seminarium/ kurs