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Rational and Relevant Repointing of Clay Brick Facades – Technology, Conservation, and Economics

This project aims to develop a rational knowledge base for improved decision making in relation of the maintenance of clay brick facades and particularly concerning the need for repointing. To achieve this, an objective and systematic approach is desired, both in relation to if and when repointing is carried out as well as concerning the suitability and durability performance of standard repointing materials and techniques. Deterioration of clay brick façades and erosion of the mortar joints are ubiquitous problems in practice owing to the adverse environmental exposures such as wind-driven rain (WDR); a particular issue in Northern Europe. To ensure the continued durability of deteriorated clay facades, it is essential that repointing of the existing mortar joints with new mortars is carried out using materials and methods that are compatible with both units and existing mortar in the joints.

The objectives of this project are to investigate the effects of relevant parameters such as wind-driven rain, repeated wetting and drying cycles, mechanical properties of brick and mortar, joint tooling, and general workmanship on the durability performance of clay brick façades. These investigations will include an experimental campaign together with numerical simulations; model verification and validation will be sought through reality checks of real world facades. Finally, the results can be reviewed and adapted for inclusion in practical guidelines/recommendations which aim to provide rational and improved decision support to landlords, façade constructors and craftsmen on repointing of clay brick facades.

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