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The integration of Geographical information Science - GIS and Multi-Criteria Decision Making - MCDM has attracted many researchers from different fields including urbanization and environmental planning and emergency management to deal with spatial decision making problems. However, as much the complexity of the real-world problems increases, the more it is difficult for decision-makers to make the right decision in many operations and research activities of the above mentioned fields. The researches show that nowadays, artificial intelligence technology (AI) is helping a lot in human decision making. Therefore, it is important to study how AI techniques such as meta-heuristics algorithms can be used to improve GIS-MCDM capabilities to solve the current decision problems. My project focus on adopting and improving AI techniques such as meta-heuristic algorithms with the use of GIS to solve spatial problems such as evacuation planning and urban land use planning in the context of the overpopulated urban areas, Kigali-Rwanda is used as a case study.   



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